Evaluation Criteria


This criterion focuses on the adoption of services amongst the targeted audience, and ability to solve a problem that deals with Public Service with high level of impact on society.


This criterion focuses on the "Wow!" factor - that is, the innovative use of technology or stand-out approaches for combining ideas in a creative and collaborative manner and developing a solution that is unique, original and new focusing on life event services that impact overall customer experience.

Efficient and Effective Delivery of Services

This criterion focuses on how well the services are being delivered, from a user perspective. It focuses on functionalities such as but not limited to: Easy navigation with friendly design (Look and Feel)

  • Notifications
  • Easy to integrate with other applications
  • Multiple languages
  • Securely complete transactions
  • User and complaint support
  • Seamless User Experience address “end-to-end” needs of the customer

Additional Functionalities

This criterion focuses on additional advanced functionalities of the Application, such as but not limited to:

  • Integrated Applications
  • Customizable features and options
  • Use of Open Data
  • Happiness & Satisfaction users assessment
  • Application tailored to user characteristics
  • Address the needs of Determined Ones