Award Categories

Award Categories

The 6th edition of Best mGovernment Service Award categories highlights future aspirations for government services, at an international level.

This year, the award will focus on the methodology and mechanism for rendering services through mobile applications.

Innovative Service
This category covers mobile apps that provide new innovative services that have genuinely made significant breakthroughs to deliver modern government and citizen services in a unique way, with much greater impact.
Harnessing Emerging Technology
This category covers mobile apps that primarily adopt and apply advanced disruptive technologies to deliver public services to citizens. Such apps are based on a clear application of any one or more of (and not limited to) Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Advanced Biometrics (e.g. Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition) and/or others to provide a service with high levels of efficiency.
Data-driven Apps

This category covers mobile apps that leverage Big Data and advanced data analysis (government and user data) to enhance public services and citizen experience.

This may include apps that manipulate any form of data (e.g. open data, big data, crowd-sourced data, historical or real time data) and apply advanced analytical methods and techniques (e.g. predictive analytics and/or user behavior analytics) to deliver insight-based and tailored public services to citizens.

Accessible Government
This category covers mobile apps that offer a wide suite of services in a single centralized platform. It also covers apps that can provide complex services based on smart coordination (e.g. smart data sharing) between multiple government entities in an easy and seamless manner
This category covers mobile apps that apply gamification techniques to encourage citizens (especially young citizens) to use government services more effectively and as a means to raise and activate citizen awareness of social matters in a more interactive, interesting way. Such services enable more entertaining and happier interactions between citizens and government.
Public Empowerment
This category covers mobile apps that deliver public services driven by citizen feedback. Such apps apply techniques such as crowd-sourcing and user-engagement tools to encourage and empower citizens to participate and contribute to enhanced public services delivery. This category includes apps that support access to various communities and the integration of minorities and People of Determination (special needs).
Public Private Partnership (PPP)
This category covers mobile apps developed by the private sector and/or NGOs in partnership with government to deliver efficient and effective public services, aiming to achieve economic and social development and improving the lives of customers.